IIT Kanpur Builds Self-Supporting Viewing River Ganga

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur has set up an independent Aquatic Autonomous Observatory called ‘Niracara Svayamsasita VedhShala (NSVS)’, for local monitoring, real-time data transfer, and web-based viewing of the Ganga River.

AR Harish, Dean of Research and Development, IIT Kanpur, has launched a program in Laxman Ghat, Bithoor.

With its current capacity, the system can detect three important parameters – pH, conductivity, and volume of dissolved water oxygen.

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This could also be used to measure Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), specific gravity, and the presence of iron ions in water, says IIT Kanpur.

“The system automatically collects data every 15 minutes and reports on the wireless network at the facility. For a living, the stage is equipped with energy harvesting systems that include solar cells and a unique Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) system that can extract energy from the river flow, “he added.

The project was commissioned by a team of earth scientists, mechanical engineers, electricians, and aerospace scientists from the institute, led by Prof Bishakh Bhattacharya as chief investigator.

IIT Kanpur s aid the NSVS system has been developed as “a low-cost, multi-parameter, high-temperature monitoring system with a sample of vehicles parked in an area that is submerged, weatherproof, stable, and fully stable.”


Professor Abhay Karandikar, Director of IIT Kanpur said, “Ganga is not just a river but a cultural heritage for us, so it is our responsibility to protect it from any danger. IIT Kanpur has been conducting extensive research and developing a variety of ways to study the Ganga ecosystem and the impact of climate change on it. Congratulations to the team led by Prof Bishakh Bhattacharya for launching the NSVS program, which will ensure that the Ganga River is monitored in real-time, in the workplace to ensure good health. ”

IIT Kanpur recently launched the ‘Ganga Atlas’ with a workflow that allows users to process and analyze segmented images of river lands at minimal cost, using open source software.

IIT Kanpur has previously conducted research on the high density of molten metal in the Ganga River, the impact of embalming on the river, and had a circular discussion about the reconstruction of rivulets in the Ganga River, among other programs.

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