International Women’s Day 2022: History, Theme, Motive

International Women’s Day celebrates on 8th march, here provides the History, motive, the theme of the day.

A woman is all we need. A woman is not only the second gender but also considered the most beautiful creation of God. A woman is a mother, a leader, a teacher, a sister, a lover even everything. They are sensitive, caring, strongest, defeat every battle, undergo extreme pain and any odd situation in a very calm mode, though they have various types of mood swings they never stop to prove themselves. And so, for their global contribution and achievement in every field like Education, Health &Hospitality, Political, Economical, Defense and many more, even creating their own position, fighting against all stigma of society, to encourage and praise them every year throughout the World on March 8, the International Women’s Day celebrated.

International Women's Day celebrates on 8th march, here provides the History, motive, the theme of the day.
International Women’s Day

History and Revolution of Women’s Day

Forgiving importance and social status to women from the early 1900s the concept of International Women’s Day started to raise their voices. It was that era when industrialization throughout the world had great turbulence. In the year of 1908, in New York City almost 15,000 women demanding their voting rights marched for an hour. Later in the year 1909, for the first time in the United States by the Social Party of America the National Woman’s Day was celebrated on the 28th of February which continued for till 1913, but after the celebration of the national Womens Day in 1909, on the next year 1910, a woman named Clara Zetkin who was the leader of the social democratic party in Germany and their womens office put a proposal to the international conference which held in Copenhagen on that year. For this proposal from 17 different countries over a hundred women participate in this initiative and so as a result we are celebrating nowadays which is celebrated throughout the world as International Womens Day. In the year 1911 for the first time, the International Womens Day was held on the date of 19th March in four different countries accordingly Switzerland, Denmark, Australia and Germany and in this celebration moreover 1 million women’s and men attend the rally of protest about the rights of woman’s in every field from education to public offices, voting rights and many. But after World War 1 in between the year of 1913 to 1914 and in the campaign of peace held in Russia the International Womens Day again for the first time was celebrated on 23rd February which was the last Sunday of that month. But after a brief discussion finally and annually the international Women’s Day going to be held on 8th of March every year and so after the celebration of International Womens Day in 1914 the continue celebration held in this particular date followingly every year.


Motive of international Women’s Day

The main motive behind this international Womens Day is to acknowledge and Honour every woman for their continuous contribution and achievement in various fields like social-economical educational defense cultural-political medical and many more. In this day the central focus held on highlighting all the struggles that every woman had since their childhood to achieve their ultimate goal of life and also so for their rights as an equal gender without any discrimination in society.

International Women’s Day 2022 Theme

Since the year 1909, the Womens Day was held with a particular theme to focus and so in this year 2020, the theme of this International Women’s Day is about women in leadership achieving an equal future in a covid-19 world. This theme focuses on how having every difficulty and especially the pandemic of covid-19 which spread all over the world women and girls creating themselves towards the perfect frame they were dreaming for. With the theme, the main focus will be to encourage and support women globally with the campaign theme #BreakTheBias.

International Women’s Day

Interesting Facts of International Women’s Day

There is some interesting fact about International Womens Day that we definitely have to learn about where the logo of International Women’s Day is a looping arrowed circle with female gender symbolism along with the flower which used to represent women is Mimosa and the color of International Women’s Day logo is purple. Nowadays almost all over the world, International Womens Day is celebrated and this celebration crossed 100 years already.

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