NAS 2021: Here’s How More Than 30 Lakh Students Will Be Tested Today

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) will be held today, November 12, for more than 30 lakh students in 1.23 lakh schools in 733 districts in 36 provinces and Union districts. NAS 2021 aims to explore new learning and learning disruptions during Covid and help take steps to rehabilitate 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th graders.

NAS 2021 will include both public and provincial schools, public-funded schools, and private schools across the country. The study will be conducted in 22 languages ​​in Language, Mathematics, and EVS for grades 3 and 5; Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science 8th Class and Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and English 10th grade.

The NAS, however, is for the purpose of national-level research on the health of the education system in the country. This has no effect on individual school or child rankings, the official statement said.

NAS 2021: How Schools Will Be Tested

  • Schools will ensure that no other activities include annual event, sports day and cultural event can be arranged today
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  • It must be ensured that Class 3, 5, 8 and 10 learners, principals and teachers are present today and the capacity of these classes should be filled.

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  • NAS 2021 classes will be informed by a survey team consisting of observer and local investigator (FI)
  • The survey includes a test of success (AT) and a student questionnaire (PQ) to be tested and completed by a large sample of students. The average size of a sample collection is 30
  • In Classes 3 and 5, FI will assist and assist in completing OMR sheets
  • Selected subject teachers must be present to complete the teacher questionnaire (TQ).
  • No OMR or questionnaire should be kept or kept in the school
  • After the survey, the FI, or observer will complete the packing and the observer will go to file NAS papers at designated facilities.

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