West Bengal Schools Prepare To Reopen High Classes From November 16

With three days to go before the campuses reopen, school authorities in West Bengal are preparing to ensure the presence of extraordinary high school students and monitor the ongoing situation. The school’s education department has asked institutions to adopt all COVID-19 safety regulations.

Education Minister Bratya Basu said two days ago the Department of Education would leave it up to parents to call their 9- to 11-year wards to study on their own from November 16, after the gap. for 20 months. School campuses have been closed to students since the end of March last year following the COVID-19 epidemic and teaching was put in online mode.

Reading classes began temporarily for high school students in mid-February this year to close again in April due to the second wave of COVID-19. South Point School south of Kolkata will only ask students of ninth and 11th graders to attend practical lessons on scheduled days from November 16 but classes will continue online online next month when the situation is reviewed, South Point Education Society Minister Krishna Damani told -PTI Saturday.

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“For 10th and 12th grade students, who will be writing board exams, it is not uncommon for them to regularly attend classes at the institution,” he added. The G D Birla Center for Education here will conduct classes in offline mode three times a week for students in grades nine to 12 from November 16, a spokesman said. “We have reorganized the system in such a way that there is no overcrowding in the classrooms so that students can move physically and at the same time do not compromise teaching,” he said.


School authorities will assess the situation for a period of time and make an informed decision, he added. The General Manager of Jadavpur Vidyapith Parimal Bhattacharya said “we have divided our nine classes into 11, into smaller groups and adjusted the schedule accordingly. We will also start with the exercises

Initially, three to four days students were asked not to bring any textbooks and textbooks and authorities intended to hold outdoor classes in the garden and at the school amphitheater, the principal said. “It will also be provided to new students in schools and hostels,” he said.

Whatever is done, it will be done in accordance with Covid’s principles as members of the school safety committee will be on duty and subject teachers to monitor the same, Brahma said. At Howrah Jogesh Chandra Girls’ School, “two students will sit on both sides of a bench with a ‘do not sit here’ sticker attached between the two seats,” said School Principal Subhhra Chakraborty.

Following Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee’s announcement that educational institutions will reopen physical classes from November 16 in a major way if the Covid situation improves, the school education department and higher education departments have issued a notice to start offline classes from 9-12 classrooms in schools, and colleges and universities.

However, it was up to the relevant college authorities and universities to discuss the options and determine which semesters at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels would be prioritized by going to offline classes.

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