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World Hearing Day celebrates on 3rd March, here provides the history, Theme of the day, and How the Day is Celebrated.

Hearing is another sense of the human body which is known as the mechanical sense by which what we hear we transfer it in a language or in any specific movement or about what we have to do or it must be an important lesson as well. By this sense of the human body, we can explore variations of sounds like sounds of nature, music, lecture even our voices too. But there are some people who were disabled to feel these senses due to deafness of both ears. For those people who have a physical disability of hearing and even blind people also the World Health Organisation promotes a campaign every year officially on 3rd March and it is globally celebrated as World Hearing Day*.

World Hearing Day celebrates on 3rd March, here provides the history, Theme of the day, and How World Hearing Day is Celebrated.
World Hearing Day

Background of World Hearing Day

In the year of 2007, the World Health Organization organized a campaign globally to prevent disabled people from Deafness and Blindness with a specific theme and goals. The main motive of this day was to spread awareness about not avoiding any physical disabilities like hearing using various methods of ear equipment. Till 2016, this day was recognized as theInternational Ear Care Day later it changed to World Hearing Day in that year.

The theme of the World Hearing Day in 2022

Every year, since 2007 WHO or the World Health Organization held a huge campaign to deal with all disabilities like deafness and blindness on the occasion of Day, and with that, they focus on a very specific theme also. Here, in this year 2022, they will go to deal with the theme which is, “To Hear for Life, Listen with Care”.

How the World Hearing Day Celebrated Globally

There were approximately 81 counties all over the World that show their interest in this huge initiative by WHO, and they joined themselves in it on the celebration of this day they report annually by helping all disabled people by giving treatment, giving them hearing equipment, to aware and encourage people held some events and variety of activities also.

So on this day of World Hearing Day, we need to make people aware of the importance of this extraordinary sense of Hearing. Nowadays it’s possible that we can cure deafness of childhood as well. So it’s our duty to spread this beneficial news throughout the World so people get cured of their disability and can lead their life happily by hearing all sounds of the World.

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