World Kidney Day Is March 10: Theme, Origin, Causes Kidney Disabled

World Kidney Day celebrates on 10th march, here provide the origin of kidney day, its Importance, what causes the kidney to be disabled, how celebrate, Theme.

World Kidney Day celebrates on 10th march, here provide history of kidney day, Importance, what cause kidney disable, how celebrate, Theme
World Kidney Day

World Kidney day – Every human body looks like a bean, shaped with two kidneys located to our spine and almost to the rib cage in our back. It is one of the most valuable organs of our body which filters almost everything that we eat or drink, and by filtering it the waste material comes out from our body by urine or poop and the important materials dilute in our blood. Kidneys maintain the level of the blood pressure along with all minerals, water in our body, and almost in every minute filter half a cup of blood to maintain its purity and Healthiness of it. That’s why to make our kidneys healthy and without any type of disease or disability, every year on the second Thursday in the month of March throughout the Kidney Day is observed to make people aware of how we treat our kidneys so we can easily avoid any type of disease surrounded in it.

Origin of Kidney Day

In the year 2006, with the attendance of 66 different countries and the joint initiative taken by the International Federation of Kidney Foundation along with the International Society of Nephrology, the Kidney Day was announced globally to celebrate every year while promot ing the awareness about to take care of our Kidney with proper health concerns by medical knowledge and prevent disease over Kidney with proper treatment. Which nowadays almost crossed more than 88 different countries and this record will break every year hopefully.


Importance of Kidney in the human body

In our body kidneys extract all acids and fluids from our body and cells and maintain the balance of every mineral in our blood and cells both. It helps to make red blood cells while purifying our blood, so our bones become healthy and stronger. The kidney also maintains the PH balance of our body. But both the kidney is not the same within them our left kidney works mostly to make our body healthy.

What causes Kidney Disabled to Work

There were some several conditions for which our kidney starts to not react and stop working like if we have diseases like dehydration, high blood pressure, diabetes, empty stomach for a long time, even kidney trauma and others disease, our kidney couldn’t work properly and that’s how it starts to become unhealthy and disable to work like before.

How World Kidney Day Celebrated

On this day throughout the World by various organizations various campaigns held and activities done to encourage and make people understand the diseases and the importance of taking care of our kidneys.

World Kidney Day 2022 theme

World Kidney Day is celebrated every year with a particular theme and so in this year 2022 this day will going to held on 10th March with the theme “Kidney Health for All”. And this year with the theme, Kidney Day will go to hold with a campaign that mainly focuses on the knowledge gap between people about the treatment of Kidney to make it healthy.

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